WinCSD: Crystal Structure  Determination for Windows

package (WinCSD) is a program package for crystal structure treatment using X-ray/synchrotron/neutron experimental data from either powder or single crystal [1,2,3] developed by:

        Lev Akselrud. Lviv National University, Ukraine. E-mail:

        Juri Grin. Max-Plank Institute, Germany. E-mail:

        Vitalij Pecharsky. Ames Lab, USA. E-mail:

        Peter Zavalij. Binghamton University, USA. E-mail:

Currently CSD package exists in two versions:

WinCSD consists of five executables:

CSD and WinCSD were successfully used to solve many hundreds crystal structures from both single crystal and powder data for various types of compounds from intermetallic and inorganic to organometallic and organic!


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The list of published structures solved using CSD software will be added.