Chemistry of Solids

Part III. Properties of Solids

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Chemistry of Solids

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Molecular Orbital Approach to Bonding in Metals and Semiconductors

Fermi Level, Energy and Work Function

Energies of Electrons

Intrinsic Semiconductor: Silicon

Extrinsic Semiconductor: Silicon + Gallium or Arsenic

Pn Junction: Silicon + Gallium and Arsenic

Conductivity of an extrinsic semiconductor

Electronic Structure of Tungsten Trioxide and Bronzes

Thermoelectric Effects: Thomson, Peltier and Seebeck

Thomson Effect

Peltier Effect

Seebeck Effect

Magnetic Susceptibility of Solids

Spinels - Ferrites

Some Definitions

Classification of Materials

Thermodynamic Cycles

Thermogravimetric Analysis

Heterogeneous Catalysis

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